Monday, November 1, 2010

VIDEO: Skoda Fabia vRS Hot Hatch Shows its "Meaner" side in New TV Ad

As Skoda is enjoying its best year on record, the VW Group-owned company wants to build on the momentum by launching a new TV campaign for the Fabia vRS hot hatch. The new ad, which is meant to show the darker side of the 180-horsepower-strong hatch, features the "Made from Meaner Stuff" tagline. There will be two versions of the TV commercial, a short 30 second ad and an uncut, 60 second advert.

The 'meaner' campaign, which is the work of Skoda and its advertising agency, Fallon, sees creative directors Chris Bovill and John Allison, who were behind the the 2007 'Cake' campaign, joining forces with director Nick Gordon.

"We always said we'd never make a sequel to 'Cake' but when the vRS brief came along we thought we'd make an 'opposite'. 'Cake' made our mums smile, this should make them want to hide behind a cushion" said Chris Bovill.

Indeed, the cast in this video is anything but friendly or cute as there's a naughty, dark feeling taking center stage here. Just how modern young-lings like their rides to be.

By Csaba Daradics




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