Thursday, April 26, 2012

VIDEO: Aussie Honda Jazz Spots Poke Some Fun at Bodybuilders, Rappers and Others

Here are some amusing TV ads from Honda's creative Australian division. The spots were made to show off how practical, roomy and versatile the Honda Jazz is (known as the Fit in North America and Japan). So if you want to learn the answer to questions such as "How much Massive can you pack in a Honda Jazz?" and "How much Rap can you pack in a Jazz?", and don't mind watching 'iron boy' here in very tight speedos, hit the jump to check out the videos.

Ferrari teased Ferraristas with a 599 GTO Roadster at Pebble Beach

After Ferrari announced in June that they would be organizing special presentations for people to view a topless 599, is it surprising that the Italian Stallion previewed a 599 roadster (or "Barchetta", perhaps?) at Pebble Beach? Not particularly. What's surprising is that it took this long for A) the car to come out, and B) someone to spill the beans. Who cares about non-disclosure agreements and a "no cell phone" policy, on with what we can expect!

The roadster should be limited to one hundred units, with a significant portion of those likely ending up in the United States. It could also get the same higher-output, 670-horsepower V12 from its GTO stablemate, as well as an emergency top that snaps on should inclement weather try to ruin your day.

Interested in picking one up? Well sir, that's highly unlikely, but if you're a person of means, look for pricing to be in the "599 GTO ++" range.

By Phil Alex

Photo Gallery: Ferrari 599 GTO