Monday, November 8, 2010

VIDEO: Captiva Driver Shows Tow Truck Who’s Boss

Who wouldn't be annoyed to find, upon returning from the shops, that their car has been ticketed, clamped...or even worse...towed. As this hilarious clip proves, Hell hath no fury like a female SUV driver towed. Full video after the jump.

Here's the scoop for those who haven't seen it: a Shanghai woman is having her Chevy Captiva SUV towed, and she isn't happy about it. So she does what any (insane) person would do: gets in her car, starts the engine and drives off...with the tow truck still attached.

In a word, this video is epic. We've seen some ballsy things here at Carscoop, but this has to be one of the ballsiest. It's like Gone in 60 Seconds with a Chevy AWD or Jackass with a little Asian woman. Above all else, it's a defiantly erect middle finger directed at the money grubbing instigators of authoritarian traffic control.

I guess the tow truck driver should be thankful this was the only thing the Captiva driver did. I'd hate to see her behind the wheel of a tank, that's for sure. Watch the video and give us your verdict in the comments.

By Tristan Hankins


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