Saturday, November 6, 2010

Vaughn Gittin Jr’s RTR-X Mustang: Mr. Reid, Your Car is Ready

In the 1960s, Van Williams and Bruce Lee starred in a TV series called The Green Hornet. It was a lot like Batman, really: a wealthy, playboy millionaire called Britt Reid fights crime with a gadget laden car. Only Batman didn't have a chauffeur named Kato that knew martial arts and the Hornet drove a Chrysler, not a Ford.

So Seth Rogen and Jet Li are remaking it as a comedy, which is...good? Anyways, the Chrysler Imperial is back, reprising the role it played in the '60s original. Which is fine, but I think it should have had a bit of a remake as well. No, I'm not saying it should be replaced with a Chrysler 300C with green tinted headlights (God forbid).

What I think it should be replaced with is this: Vaughn Gittin Jr's RTR-X Mustang from the 2010 SEMA Show. Here are four reasons why:
  1. It's based on a Dynacorn late '60s Mustang, perfect for the period.
  2. It's black and green, with green headlights - just like the Hornet's ride should be.
  3. It has a 440hp V8, making it the perfect vehicle for catching crims.
  4. Just look at this thing: it's menacing.

So all in all, perfect. A fast, mean-looking two-seater that can be fitted with all the crime-fighting gadgets a millionaire playboy could ever want or need. There's just one thing that bothers me: do you think we have time to reshoot all the vehicle scenes before January?

By Tristan Hankins

Photos: Need for Speed - Facebook


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