Friday, November 12, 2010

Fiat Primo Roadster Study Rendered to Battle a future MX-5

Independent designer David Cardoso recently sent in his take on a possible MX-5 competitor from Fiat. The Primo is meant to be a roadster/coupe with a face similar to the Fiat family's baby 500 and a rear treatment reminiscent of the marque's older 128.

If a cute little roadster/coupe like the Primo ever made it through Fiat's gates, there's no reason it couldn't be placed right on the 500's platform as a range expander. That would also allow for the Abarth boys to put an entry-level coupe in their stable of hi-po compacts.

Everyone knows Fiat currently has its hands full trying to reinvent Chrysler, integrate its 500 into the US market, and make Alfa Romeo profitable, but a 500 Coupe sure would make an interesting addition to Fiat's lineup somewhere down the line. More pictures after the jump.

By Phil Alex

Design: David Cardoso


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