Thursday, November 11, 2010

BMW 330i Coupe Revived from the Brink, Returns as E46 Pickup Truck

One member of the E46fanatics forum has recently proven just how much of a fanatic he is by creating this E46-based modern El Camino. The most surprising aspect is that its creator spent less than $10,000 total on the project.

Starting out with a totaled E46 330i Coupe (optioned the ZHP performance package, no less), forum member bodycustom1 originally intended to just repair the car. Then his father walked into the shop gave him a different idea: lob off the remains of the rear end and tack on the bed from a Chevy Colorado.

Instead of keeping the bed separate, which was the original idea, the project snowballed a bit and now includes a more fabricated and streamlined body with a custom rear window, shortened sunroof track, and BMW gas cap integrated into the shortened bed (the width was A-OK).

This may enrage BMW purists all day long, but other car fans out there should be able to move beyond the "destruction" of this BMW coupe and see a nice utilitarian vehicle that was saved from the crusher.

By Phil Alex

Source: E46fanatics , Via: Jalopnik


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