Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Porsche wants Hybrid Version of every Model, 918 Spyder to follow Panamera Hybrid

In the ever-growing world of automotive efficiency, more and more sports car manufacturers have decided to get in the game of providing more efficient speed. Now, Porsche has taken it one step further, committing to a hybrid version of each of its models in order to get its average CO2 emissions down to 216 g/km by 2015 (from the current 255 g/km).

"In the future, we will have hybrid drive in every model line," Porsche's development chief Wolfgang Duerheimer, told Autonews Europe.

After the hybrid Cayenne and the upcoming Panamera hybrid, Porsche wants to release the hybrid 918 Spyder as a halo car to garner attention and learn more about the new path the company is taking.

To help bring down corporate CO2 output and improve fuel economy, Porsche also aims to cut weight by 10% on each model with every following generation (through the development of carbon fiber for body panels and the like), as well as possibly utilizing four-cylinder engines.

"If the CO2 guidelines require it, then our engines will become smaller and may have just four cylinders," Duerheimer said. "The important thing is that the performance has to be right. The 911 must always be on the cutting edge."

The Porsche development chief added: "We want to learn how we can electrify all our sports cars in the future with the help of [the 918's] short production run." So does that mean we're getting a hybrid entry-level 914/356 roadster or what?

By Phil Alex

Source: ANE (sub. req.)

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