Saturday, September 4, 2010

VIDEO: Bentley Continental GT Burned to the Ground in Russia

Hot on the heels of the Ferrari 458 fire recall, here's some footage of a toasted Bentley Continental GT in Irkutsk, Eastern Siberia. Now, my Russian's a little weak, so if anyone could clarify these video reports that would be greeeeeaaaat.

According to the email we received from reader Alex, it appears as if this occurred in the Baikal neighborhood of the city. The investigation is ongoing, and arson is suspected. Mobsters? Could be, but there's really no telling.

Here's the interesting part (bear in mind, what you'll read here was translated through Google): "Testimonies of two cotton suggest arson, the reasons may be the mass, such as a place of competitors, insurance payments or assume illegal parking, as the car was across the parking lot and took three cars."

That suggests that someone either couldn't afford the car anymore, or some people just plain got pissed because the owner took up more than one parking spot. If it's the former, I've got two words for the owner: MONEY MANAGER. If it's the latter, well, learn how to park properly.

By Phil Alex

Hat tip to Alex V.!


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