Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Dontblogaboutthis: BMW Teases Oddball 6 Series Concept

BMW has put up a new website called "Don't Blog About This" that shows an odd-looking 6-Series concept of some sort. While obviously based on the current generation (and soon to be replaced) 6-Series coupe, the matte-black car featured on the teaser videos and photos gets a low slung front end reminiscent of the Vision EfficientDynamics concept and tall but thin tires (195 if we're not mistaken) pushed out and housed under blistered wheel arches.

If we we're to wager a guess, we'd say it's some kind of an alternative-fuel concept - hopefully something more advanced than the Ferdinand 911 GT3 RS... Well, with the Paris Motor Show only a few weeks away, it won't be long before we find out.

Link: Dontblogaboutthis , Via: E90Post


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